BME Programme

Denise Nathan Consultancy has extensive experience obtained over two decades of coaching clients from under represented groups in the police service, particularly officers and staff from a black and minority ethnic (BME) background.

This has helped us to develop an acute awareness of the often subtle barriers to progression experienced by BME officers and staff.

The key options we offer (as well as bespoke programmes) are as follows:-

Individual Coaching for personal development and preparation for promotion and selection processes

Coaching is provided by highly experienced coaches with an understanding of the challenges and dilemmas likely to have been experienced by BME officers and staff. Clients include officers and staff highlighted as having potential to progress to senior roles in the police service and officers and staff preparing for promotion or selection processes.  Through coaching our clients improve confidence in their ability to succeed at all levels.

Core skills coaching and workshops

Denise Nathan Consultancy has identified key skills which enable clients to be highly effective in the workplace and substantially improve their chances of succeeding in selection processes. These core skills include:

  •  information analysis including speed reading
  • decision making in critical incidents
  • the ability to operate effectively at both strategic and tactical level
  • presentation skills including media interview training.

We offer coaching, workshops and written exercises which provide BME clients with development opportunities in each of these core skill areas.

Consultation Workshops for BME officers and staff

These workshops offer the opportunity for staff to raise issues in a safe environment which ensure that the coaching and development opportunities offered are tailored to meet the needs of BME officers and staff.

Advisory role on programmes

The police service is undoubtedly committed to improving opportunities for BME officers and staff but making progress in this area has proved challenging. We have noticed that our BME clients have not always received consistent advice and support from their forces. Our experiences of working with BME clients enables us to fulfil an advisory role to forces wishing to enhance their offer to their BME officers and staff.