SPNAC Programme

SPNAC ProgrammeSPNAC ProgrammeSPNAC Programme

Denise Nathan Consultancy has extensive experience in developing applicants for SPNAC with an outstanding and proven success rate. It offers a highly individual, targeted and personal approach to enhance the skills and qualities of those aspiring to lead at the highest levels. Whilst this approach is focused on SPNAC it also leads to greater success and achievement at present and future ranks.

This service is available for police officers and staff.

This programme will provide participants with: –

  • One-to-one sessions each of 4 hours duration
    These look at individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. They then target and develop the skills and qualities essential for effective leadership and success at SPNAC.
  • 2 Development Workshops
    These enable participants to practice and hone the skills essential for interviews, effective presentations, briefings, problem solving and group work.
  • Written Exercises
    These are re-written regularly and provide the opportunity to practice and receive professional feedback.
  • Media Development Inputs
    These ensure up to date media training at Chief Officer level. An experienced media consultant helps enhance skills and gives feedback.
  • Speed Reading (Optional)
    This one-day workshop is led by a practitioner experienced in speed reading and information analysis for assessment processes. It assists with the assimilation of high volume, complex written material at senior management level.

Denise Nathan Consultancy uses video recording of some sessions. These provide opportunities to monitor progress, review results and maximise learning.