Direct Entry Inspector Programme

Building on extensive experience – and proven success – of developing applicants for the Senior Police National Assessment Centre (SPNAC) over many years, Denise Nathan Consultancy now offers a service to talented people from outside the police service who intend to apply for Direct Entry at Inspector Level.

HPDS Programme

We offer a highly individual, targeted and personal approach to developing the skills and qualities of clients. Our sophisticated understanding of police leadership and of it’s culture expectations and pressures, enables us to help leaders from other sectors to enhance their skills. This will ensure that they can contribute their talents, achieve their potential and have the best possible chance of succeeding in leadership roles in the police service.

Our programme includes the following and will be targeted to the specific needs of the individual: –

One-to one advice on preparing a strong application

Our knowledge of the police service and the processes by which it selects people for national programmes, enables us to help clients present evidence of their achievements in other sectors in a way that translates into the police competency framework.

One-to-one coaching sessions

These look at an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in order to develop leadership skills and qualities and enable clients to play to their strengths at the Direct Entry National Assessment Centre.

HPDS Programme

Development Workshops

These enable participants to practice and hone the skills essential for a rigorous assessment process.  These include competency-based interviews, effective presentations and preparing for a range of demanding scenario-based exercises. All of this helps to increase confidence when competing in this challenging environment.

Written Exercises

These are re-written regularly and provide the opportunity to practice and receive professional feedback.


Speed reading and information analysis

This one-day workshop is led by a practitioner experienced in speed-reading and information analysis for assessment processes. It assists with the assimilation of high volume, complex written material at senior management level.