Constable to Inspector Fast Track Programme

We have been providing a preparation programme for the former High Potential Development Scheme (HPDS) to Constable and Sergeants for several years. After achieving a high success rate, Denise Nathan Consultancy is now offering a new service to both graduates and serving Constables, Staff and Special Constables who apply for the Constable to Inspector fast Track Programme from 2014.

Clients attending programmes run by Denise Nathan Consultancy have provided very positive feedback on the development opportunities offered. They have welcomed the chance to practice exercises as well as receiving coaching, support and development to demystify selection processes and maximise their success.

Our experienced coaches provide informed understanding of the demands, expectations, cultures and pressures of policing. Our aim is to enable clients to develop their leadership style contribute their talents and achieve their potential.

Our programmes include the following and are tailored to the individual’s specific needs: –

Guidance on completing the application process

This may be particularly useful for graduates and Special Constables who may be unfamiliar with the process of applying for roles in the police service.

Development Workshop

A day long workshop which offers the opportunity for clients to undergo competency-based interviews, presentations and a variety of scenario based exercises. This also includes 1:1 feedback and identification of development needs. All of this helps to increase confidence when competing in this challenging environment.

Written Exercises

We have a library of written exercises which are regularly updated. Where appropriate clients receive telephone coaching prior to attempting the written exercise, following which they receive detailed feedback which helps them identify and address development needs.

Speed Reading and Information Analysis

This one day workshop is led by a practitioner experienced in speed reading and information analysis. It assists with the assimilation of high volume, complex written material at management level.