Preparing for Interviews and Assessment Processes


Denise Nathan Consultancy has considerable experience in coaching and developing people for promotion processes from Sergent through to Chief Constable and Police Staff equivalent.  We offer bespoke programmes appropriate to the individual and force.  Depending upon requirements the content will vary but may include the following: 

Application support

A full review of your application with feedback by our consultant

2 x 4-hour coaching sessions

The programme content may vary according to the process but will include;

Written Exercise

  • Advice and guidance to include these elements;
  • The use of structure in the written response
  • How to approach the exercise and make best use of time

Competency based Interview

  • Making best use of experience/examples
  • Effective preparation ahead of the interview
  • How to avoid overly formulaic responses
  • Advice around flexible approaches to answering questions
  • Answering both experiential and forward-facing questions
  • Leadership Framework based responses
  • Best use of time

Interactive Exercises

  • How to make the best use of the preparation time
  • How to structure your approach to the exercise
  • The importance of clarity of purpose and outcome
  • Best use of time during the role play element of the exercise


  • How to make the best use of the preparation time
  • How to structure your approach
  • Practise presentation topics with feedback

2 x 2-hour coaching sessions

This option will be a more condensed version of option 2 and focus on providing advice and tips rather than practising the exercises in full.

Programmes will be delivered by our senior consultants.

Coaching sessions will be held remotely via video conferencing or face to face as appropriate and agreed.

Larger group sessions can be organised to run in house and priced accordingly to the number of participants.