Media Inputs and Courses

Media Inputs

The objective of our media inputs is to help police personnel experience a wide range of TV and radio interviews.

We have received consistently complimentary feedback for our media inputs.

The programme will provide participants with experience in a wide range of TV and radio interviews including:-

  • ‘Down the line’ telephone interviews
  • ‘Door stepping’
  • TV studio experiences
  • Press campaign interviews
  • Dealing with ‘breaking news’
  • Media management exercises

We use highly experienced broadcast professionals with expert knowledge of both the media and policing issues.

  • They create high impact, realistic, training exercises enhanced by quality support materials followed by personal feedback and coaching sessions.
  • Our sessions examine how to strategise your media performance as well as identifying effective ways of communicating key messages, and building rapport with journalists.
  • We develop skills ranging from personal projection techniques using body language and voice work, handling aggressive questioning through to managing a partnership approach to working with the media.
  • Our training builds on ‘in force’ career media training to offer organisational leaders the chance to experience practical exercises addressing key competencies and professional development objectives.
  • We devise specific inputs and practice for those applying for senior appointments where media interviews are an integral part other process.