Team Building

We tailor Denise Nathan Consultancy team building days after we have met and carefully gauged your needs so as to meet your teams objectives.

Teams that work effectively achieve dramatically better performance. Often though, there are internal barriers between team members that undermine potential. Some of these barriers are masked and some are not recognised, but they need to be understood. There can also be tensions between the team and its stakeholders inside and outside the organisation and this too can prevent teams from making their most effective contribution.

Our unique 360 team-profiling instrument can help you to understand what these stakeholders want from you and how they perceive your performance. This can mean your managers, your staff, your partners in external agencies – it’s your choice. We will work with you to identify and foster what is working well, to confront what is not and to identify ways to manage and improve performance.

Our team development days can include:

  • Personality questionnaires to reveal the both the diverse strengths and the sources of tension between team members.
  • Team 360 feedback and analysis.
  • Team activities to build rapport within the team.
  • Feedback from stakeholders.
  • Feedback from our experienced team coaches who will help you to identify and implement changes to support improved performance.

Follow up workshops and/or supplementary individual coaching sessions for team members can also be arranged.

If you want to see an example of our Team 360 click here