The style of support provided is unique and effective. My development needs (which were considerable) were identified with absolute clarity, yet in such a way as to inspire me with the confidence that I could do this.

One to one coaching sessions were very useful. I felt that Denise really understood what makes me tick and was able to give me practical guidance on how to overcome development needs.

Speed reading was probably the best Value for Money and best ‘Time in vs Benefit out’ training I’ve ever done.

I came top in the interview for Chief Superintendent scoring 5 out of 5. I really could not have done this without your help and support. Thank you so much.

I have been successful in my application, I’m obviously delighted, but reflect on all the help and advice I got that helped me along the way. I vividly remember the sessions with you and I know that without them, I would not have succeeded .So my success is very much your success…

Thank you for taking the time to look at and help develop my CV. Your counsel was really worthwhile and I feel I have benefited greatly as a result.


I am absolutely certain that your professionalism and care in trying to get to know more about me and how I ‘tick’ was the key aspect that allowed me to make the most of myself and to get through SPNAC and be prepared for SCC. I really enjoyed the sessions and found the way that you challenged me will be a real investment for the future. More importantly, I feel that you genuinely care for your clients and that you only want the best for them. Thank-you

Gave me real focus and a structure to my preparation. As this was my first attempt you demystified the process so there were no surprises when I arrived at SPNAC and I felt ready and capable of passing. The opportunity to practice the exercises, under actual time constraints and pressure, and then receive feedback from previous assessors was really helpful in giving me the confidence and areas for improvement.

I have to say I thought the course was invaluable for me with my lack of generalist knowledge and lack of familiarity with the process. A tremendous boost to my confidence going into that week.

I have absolutely no doubt that without the professional and focussed coaching you provided that I would not have been success in the process and I would recommend you to anyone thinking about attempting PNAC in the future.

In fact, every piece of advice, from the approach to preparation to coping with the process of SPNAC was founded on clear experience and in-depth knowledge of the process.

…… I personally needed a great deal of work in honing my thinking and exposure to the types of exercises expected at PNAC. The media and strategic review were very relevant and assisted me in my process. The PNAC interview and presentational exercises were complimented by the practice sessions and the completely honest feedback from you and the team. Good understanding of the process which gave reassurance.

Meeting and being able to work with other candidates helped in the build up and this further assisted when arriving for SPNAC and seeing some familiar faces.


A realistic run through of what to expect at the Bramshill Assessment Centre. Excellent individual feedback on how to build strengths and which weaknesses to be mindful of. The use of video (even though a little embarrassing) was very useful and personally provided me a lot of personal insight. I loved the way the course disbanded popular myths and threw much of the confusion and “traditional models” out of the window! I thought the course leaders were personable, honest and gave useful critiques. The scenarios reflected the real exercises well. Very good competency links throughout. Great to be in a non-police environment.

Provided very helpful overview of what to expect from the assessment centre. Feedback was open, constructive and frank. No nonsense approach – simple tips to remember about answering the question and awareness of competencies in order to provide opportunities for assessors to ‘tick the boxes’. I felt very encouraged and reassured after attending your workshop – thank you. The DNC workshop was the most helpful part of my preparation for the HPDS final stage assessment.

The whole day was excellent. Clear and concise feedback. Instructors with real credibility. Very realistic exercises which prepared me well for the real thing.

I wanted to say thank you again for your insightful feedback and overall running of the workshop. It was just what I needed to focus me on what I needed to achieve with each of the exercises, and obviously the result was very positive!

You gave me the confidence to believe in myself. You helped me address previous years development needs and provided a tailored service, which was excellent. You provided me with additional discipline in terms of setting goals and milestones as part of the preparation. The exercises which you laid on were very relevant and provided additional learning.